17th Feb2014

2003/2014: no truce! With Dax, Clement, Pavlos… in the heart!

by daxresiste


March 16, 2003 – March 16, 2014

We dedicate this anniversary to Clement, the young Parisian antispecist, and to Pavlos, the Greek militant rap-singer named Killah-P, both of which recently disappeared in two Neo-Nazi acts of aggression.

The murder of Clement occurred on the 5th June in broad daylight, demonstrating how the infiltration of extreme right Neo-Nazis is becoming more widespread, even in the animal liberation movement at the European level. The Greek Nazi organization “Golden Dawn” were responsible for the death of Pavlos, which occurred on the 18th September. This organisation is already known for its acts of violence, particularly against migrants. We want to remember them together with Dax, because fascism and repression still kill today.

After the great anti-fascist and anti-capitalist demonstration last year, on the tenth anniversary of the death of Dax, when more than 10,000 people marched through the city voicing their anger, the “Association Antifascista Dax 16marzo2003” promote the remembrance rituals. Fighting for the right to housing, anti-capitalism, internationalism, antirepression, antispecism and popular sport were the main themes of the tenth anniversary of Dax’s murder: We hope that this year, with the same spirit, everyone could promote initiatives and activities in their territories in memory of the “Black Night” and in solidarity with the campaign “130mila” which represents one of the economic penalties used by the Italian repressive machine, a judicial precedent that is also being applied to other struggles, such as G8, NoTAV and the demonstration of 15th October 2011.

The anniversary of 2014 is highly significant due to the occurrence of the national march against the repression in Rome on the 15th March: we invite all men and women to travel to the capital and participate in this day of fighting as the best way to pay homage to the memory of Dax.

An analysis of what happened during and after that night is necessary, because it could help us to understand who could be victim to the infamous attack of the State, turning the sentence in individual punishment and isolating those who fight. During the “Black Night” In Milan, we have seen what can be a repressive laboratory today:

– Fascists and police : the attack by the fascists against the comrades in Via Brioschi was led by rulers who proselytize with xenophobia, racism and anti-sexism and who protect themselves with batons and baseball bats, such as those used by the Police and Carabinieri against comrades at the San Paolo hospital.

– Defamation and falsehood: the State began its defence defaming rebel individuals, victims, minorities, dissidents and strikers. Then they tried to criminalize the working class through a de-politicization process, diminishing the seriousness of the facts and justifying the work of law enforcement officers, leaning on the fears of the people and enslaving life of the community with legal blackmail.

– Impunity and repression: the unchanged result is impunity for the instigators and the profusion of repressive methods against those who oppose them, the use of laws of the Fascist period (such as the “Rocco Code”), lavishing preventive detention and establishing monetary penalties.

In these years, we fight to make the murder “political”, a murder that they wanted to label as a simple conflict. We have to tell the cohesive truth, even if painful, responding with the production of dossiers and video to export our thoughts, that otherwise remain hidden. This is the correct way to honour our murdered comrade, showing our solidarity to him and the lawsuit related to that night.

Every day we crash against this “giant” in the schools, in the streets and in the workplace: the reintroduction of a protest is the proud weapon that we must use. No truce, because it is our only way! No truce, because to continue antifascism we will be always ready to fight and united in our path toward the future.

 We own the weapons of solidarity, unity and information. Thank you to all the comrades that have already raised their fists; continue and do not stop to fight and dream.

Saturday, March 15th:
@Ripa dei Malfattori h. 16
Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 83 MI
meeting with the comrades of the Comite pour Clement and Pavlos

@via Franchi Maggi, 118 – Rozzano MI h. 22
Skassapunka, Beagle Boys, Los Fastidios
to follow Cleopatra Sound da Lecce

Sunday, March 16:
@Ripa di Malfattori h. 17
Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 83 MI
presentation of the book “Resist! 10 years without you, 10 years with you”, edited by the Association Dax 16marzo2003, about the last ten anniversaries of Dax

@via Brioschi h. 21 MI
homage, words and music for Dax, with comrades from France and Greece, audio tribute to Dax and monologue MADAMA CIE di e con AttriceContro
h.22: 30 demonstration through the streets of Ticinese District

 Thursday, March 20:
@Court of Milan h. 10
Corso di Porta Vittoria MI
Solidarity with the comrades accused for the demonstration of 16 March 2011

 Saturday 29 and Sunday March 30:
Via Pacinotti, 13 Segrate MI
Tattoo circus against jail – II edition

Con Dax, Carlo, Renato, Nicola, Abba, Clement, Pavlos… in the heart!

Info: info@daxresiste.org // www.daxresiste.org


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